An Albatross

EditLondon:Live (Live Album)
1.Neon Guru
2.Electric Suits and Cowboy Boots
3.Trust The Sun
4.Divine Birthrite
5.Convivial Feast Of The Peace Beast
6. Unkle Funky Pants
7. I Am The Lazer Viking
8. Hairobics/Ballad Of The Electric Coyote
9. Hymn Of The Angel People
10. Revolutionary Politics Of Dance
11. Floodgates Released
12. The Psychonaut and The Rustbelt
13. I Will Swim Into The Lazer Eye

Release Date: 2009
EditThe An Albatross Family Album (LP)
1. Neon Guru
2. ...And Now Emerges the Silver Pilgrim
3. The Hymn of the Angel People
4. The Psychonaut & the Rustbelt
5. Starving On Rabbit Meat
6. A Convivial Feast of the Peace Beast
7. Floodgates Released
8. The Electric Proletariat Rides a Velvet Chariot
9. 3000 Light Years By Way of the Spacehawk

Release Date: 2008
EditBlessphemy (Of The Peace-Beast Feastgive (LP)
1.In the Court of the Bear King
2.Lysergically Yours, My Psychadelic Bride
3.Dimensional Gymnastics
4.Trust the Sun, The Symphonic Sunrise
5.Divine Birthrite (Maiden Voyage of the Grape Ape)
6.I) Behold the Light:
7.II) Profane Illumination
8.III) The Illumination of the Nation
9.Tossin' and Turnin' All Night
11.The Ballad of the Electric Coyote
12.I Will Swim into the Lazer Eye
14.Cosmic Gypsy
15.Sacred Geometry
16.Death Rides a Brown Horse
18.The Eyes of the Jaguar

Release Date: 2006
EditFreedom Summer Live (Live Album)
2. Triumph Intro
3. Let's Get On With It
4. Trust the Sun
5. Manifesto of the Divine Children
6. Triumph of the Lazer Viking
7. Profane Illumination 1/2/3
8. Ch. 96
9. Vitally Important Pelvic Thrust
10. I Will Swim Into the Lazer Eye
11. I Am the Lazer Viking
12. Tussin
13. Hairobics
14. Ballad of the Electric Coyote
15. Unkle Funky Pants
16. Man Eating Pig of Madidi
17. Get Faster Cry for Happy
18. Pa Inferno
19. Mothers' Day
20. Featgiver
21. Electric Suits and Cowboy Boots
22. Revolutionary Politics Of Dance
23. Triumph Outro

Release Date: 2005
EditWe Are The Lazer Viking (LP)
1. I Am The Lazer Viking
2. Let's Get On With It!
3. Electric Suits And Cowboy Boots
4. Revolutionary Politics Of Dance, The
5. Triumph Of The Lazer Viking, The
6. Get Faster, Cry For Happy
7. Wrgggggggrkyyyyyyy!!!
8. Manifesto Of The Divine Children, The
9. j7j7j7j7j7j7j7j7j7j7j7j
10. Vitally Important Pelvic Thrust, The
11. w7w7w7w7w7w7w7w7w7w7w7

Release Date: 2003
EditEat Lightning, Shit Thunder (LP)
1. Birds
2. Pennsylvania Inferno
3. Mother's Day Came a Little Early This Year
4. You Can't Take That Hot Rod With You When You Go
5. Channel 96
6. Uncle Funky Pants
7. Electric Suits and Cowboy Boots
8. I Live the Good Life
9. Voices, the Man Eating Pig of Madidi
10. The Great Sarcophagus
11. Kulver, Bucy Nocturne in BB

Release Date: 2001


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