EditSpectre Music of an Antiquary (LP)
1. Haunter of Benighted English Summers
2. Mors Wher Devels Are Abrod
3. Dusk Gardens of Translucent Mansions
4. Shades over the Mere
5. Trees Once Adornd with Severed Heads
6. Sylvan Old Enchanter
7. Beneath Carvings Linger
8. Earthwork Misthill
9. The Meadow Reapers (A Field Recording)
10. Emanations from Beneath Far Hills, Beyond Far Moons

Release Date: 2014
EditThe Dark Bleeding Gods (Compilation)
1. The Pain of Bleeding
2. Death Before Death
3. Communications with Shadows
4. Unknown I (Greets Me Again)
5. Distant Dragon
6. Watching from the Hills
7. Cold Fire
8. In Darkness Let Me Dwell
9. A Miserable Death
10. Inhuman Malfeasance
11. You pray for Death

Release Date: 2009
EditAbortions (Compilation)
1. Behind These Eyes
2. Decay and Arise
3. The Return
4. An Empty Room & a Mysterious Sermon
5. Awaiting Ultimate Consummation
6. Preco Preheminencie (The Herald Preceded the Prince)
7. Waking Dreams
8. Division
9. Exhaling Life, Channelling Death
10. Conveyance Church Essence
11. Entering the Mysterious Unknown
12. Neoclassical Death Trance Musick
13. Forbidden Entry to the Temple
14. Leading Light of Errant Children (Hammemit)
15. The Oppression of Centuries
16. Visions of Timeless Nought

Release Date: 2008
EditA Sword of Death for the Prince (LP)
1. Herald the Dawn With Your Offerings
2. Nitimur in Vetitum
3. Utlag, Avenger, Spiritual Scourge of Deformity
4. Sinister Obliteration of Human Humus (Raw Hermetic Materials)
5. Where God's Shadow Resides
6. Sorrow and Suffering Beget Triumph (Amaka Hahina Interpretation)
7. Echoes of Mass Murder, the Dark Bleeding
8. Outro- Into the Black Waters...

Release Date: 2005
EditThe Mysterious Unknown... Revealed (Compilation)
1. Untitled 1
2. Untitled 2
3. Untitled 3
4. Those About to Die (Live)
5. Untitled (Live)
6. Torture Session Excerpt 1998
7. Black Noise (Outro)
8. Eerie Messages
9. Stained Floorboards
10. Leave Me in Peace/Lead Me to the Place
11. Those That Linger On
12. Marianne
13. Silence That Rotted Away
14. Unaware She's Dead

Release Date: 2004
EditThe Dark Bleeding (EP)
1. The Pain of Bleeding
2. Dead Before Death
3. Communications With Shadows
4. Unknown I (Greets Me Again)

Release Date: 2003


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