EditHarm Starts Here (LP)
1.What is wrong with you people?
2.Don't Bitch My Shit 04:55
3.Five Grown Men (Holding Hands and Staring at
The Ocean)
4.Full Power Anglo-Gambian Rinseout
5.Bird Feed 05:07
6.Charnel No.5
7.Skin Flick 08:58

Release Date: 06/24/2013
EditSoft as Butter, Hard as Ice (LP)
1. Skip to the End
2. South London, Where Dreams Are Allowed to Breathe
3. Shit Columbo
4. I Wish We Could Go Back and Do All This Again
5. Probably Won't Do That Live
6. Don't Come Knocking When I'm Listening to Dokken
7. Challenge Hanukkah
8. Fill Your Ears with Wax
9. How to Avoid Huge Riffs
10. Morbid Angel Delight

Release Date: 2011
EditHabitual Linestepper (LP)
1. Waited
2. What Community, What Scheme
3. We Cannot Love You
4. I'm Afraid We're Still in Wheelchairs
5. The Guiltiest Secret

Release Date: 2008
EditGee that ain't swell (LP)
1. Bliss
2. Yes I Do Own Clothes
3. Holy Trinity Chruch Student Bar
4. One but not Metallica
5. Musn't Grumble
6. Rides In (on a cash cow)
7. Look What Pale Horse Did To Me
8. Don't Die on an Empty Stomach
9. Sun Starved Day (be patient)

Release Date: 2003


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