Funeral Diner

EditDoors Open (EP)
1. This Wrath
2. Carved From Stone
3. Neither Option
4. Head of Vecha
5. This Optimism

Release Date: 2007
EditThe Underdark (LP)
1. Decline
2. Collapsing
3. We Became Buried
4. It Is Good That We Never Met
5. Two Houses
6. What Was Said
7. Regardless We Fall
8. We All Have Blood On Our Hands

Release Date: 2005
Edit...Is Dead (Compilation)
1. Yeah, You Remember That
2. A True Triumph of Man vs. Machine
3. Welcome to My Book Collection
4. Chameleon
5. Wearing Thin
6. City of Webs
7. Shifting
8. This Truly Is a God's Country
9. Let Me Get a Few Practice Stabs
10. Bonus

Release Date: 2003
EditThree Sides Dead (Compilation)

Release Date: 2003
EditDifference Of Potential (LP)
1. Syncope
2. Direct Hit
3. Lackluster
4. There Are No Todays Today, So There Will Be No Yesterdays Tomorrow
5. I Wish I Could Do The Backstroke
6. Chalk Angels
7. Paper
8. Fire...Death

Release Date: 2002
EditFuneral Diner / Staircase Split (EP)
1. My Fist Smells Like Graveyard
2. We Don't Belong In Concrete
3. The Nightbuilders
4. Sleeping Boy The Paranoid
5. Journeyman

Release Date: 2001
EditThe Wicked EP (EP)
1. ...And The Beast Shall Be Made Legion (4:54)
2. The Wicked (3:18)
3. End On 6 (6:19)

Release Date:
EditSwept Under (EP)
1. Bearing My Shield Or Borne Upon My Shield
2. Under
3. Never To Be
4. For The Beasts
5. City Of Webs (Title Mix)
6. Shifting (Battery Cage "Street Arcade High Score" Remix)
7. This Truly Is God's Country (See Colin Slash Mix)
8. Shifting (Midnight Laserbeam Remix)
9. Shifting (Black Van Remix)

Release Date:


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