EditThe III Command of the Absolute Chaos (LP)

Release Date: 2011
Edit...For Chaos, Obscurity and Desolation... (LP)
A1. Intro / Descending into Extermination
A2. Chaos Obscurity & Desolation
A3. Perverse Multiverse of Damnation
A4. Sign of the Blazar Storm
A5. Vengeance From Nuclear Abyss
B1. Altar of Quantum Immortality
B2. Fleshripping Terrordeath
B3. Black Hole Abominations
B4. Rites of Eternal Horror
B5. Ascending to Chaosthrone / Outro

Release Date: 2010
EditNuclear Empire of Apocalypse (LP)

Release Date: 2008
EditNuclear Hell Live - Destroying Rome (Live Album)
1. Nuclear Storm Intro
2. Underskin Blood Implosion
3. Atomic Infested Carnage
4. Crawling Nuclear Chaos
5. Quantum Sphere Annihilation
6. Thermonuclear Devastation of the Planet Earth
7. Curse of the Phosgene Fog
8. Cacophonic Death Metal Terrorism
9. Sex, Drinks and Metal
10. The Return of Bestial Vomit
11. Grave Desecration

Release Date: 2004
EditAtomic Infested Carnage (EP)
1. Nuclear Storm Intro 2:11
2. Underskin Blood Implosion 2:16
3. Atomic Infested Carnage 2:10
4. The Return of Bestial Vomit 2:21
5. Cacophonic Death Metal Terrorism 2:05
6. Sex, Drinks and Metal [Sarcófago] 3:16
7. Gods of War [Blasphemy] 0:36
8. Grave Desecrator [Beherit] 2:10

Release Date: 2003


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