EditQhnnnl (LP)
1. Oneone
2. Breaks B
4. Andrew Jackson
5. Sprinter
6. I Like Juice in a Shark Suit
7. ¿Es Posible Fuego?
8. You Might Go Off
9. Snowpants
10. Puma
11. Song You Hate
12. Mongrel

Release Date: 2008
EditMillions Of Brazilians (LP)
1. Wrapping The Lamb, Sir
2. Maria, Which Has Got Her Heart Completely Fucked Up
3. The Smallest Chilean
4. American Dipper
5. Flat Panda
6. Take Care, Olaf
7. Piñata Oblongata
8. Goto Dengo Loses The War
9. Pitufina
10. The Sky Came Down To The Rooftops

Release Date: 2002
EditBattle Champions (LP)
1. Kaisakunin
2. At The Mercy Of The Mustang
3. Time For A Game Of Stick
4. Sometimes There Are Birds
5. Indie Rock Spock Ears
6. Emerson
7. They Have Monkeys Like We Have
8. Squirrels
9. Eating Cake
10. Work
11. My Brother Wore Brown
12. Sometimes There Used To Be Birds

Release Date: 2000
EditOld Material, New Format (Compilation)
1. One Hundred Percent Tree
2. Building A Playpen
3. Garden Airplane Trap
4. Eucalyptus

Release Date: 2000
EditHannibal (EP)
1. Hannibal
2. A Bear Explains The Right And Wrong Ways To Put On A Shirt, Shoes, Pants And A Cap

Release Date: 1999
EditTeam Dianogah 2 (EP)
1. I'm A Swede Heart
2. My Brother Wore Brown

Release Date: 1998
EditAs Seen From Above (LP)
PLankton and Krill
What Is Your Landmass
Seeing Stars
Broken Magnet Halves
Between The Ship And The Land
Lone Tree Point
Spiral Bound

Release Date: 1997
EditGarden Airplane Trap (EP)
1. Garden Airplane Trap
2, Eucalyptus

Release Date: 1996


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