Igor Stravinsky

EditL'Oiseau de feu "The Firebird" (Live Album)
1. Introduction
2. Scene 1. Kashchei's enchanted garden
3. Scene 1. The Firebird appears, pusued by
Ivan Tsarevitch
4. Scene 1. Dance of the Firebird
5. Scene 1. Ivan Tsarevitch captures the
6. Scene 1. The Firebird's entreaty
7. Scene 1. The appearance of the thirteen
enchanted princesses
8. Scene 1. The princesses' game with apples of
gold (Scherzo)
9. Scene 1. The sudden apperance of Ivan
10. Scene 1. The Princesses' Round
11. Scene 1. Dawn (Ivan Tsarevitch enters
Kashchei's palace)
12. Scene 1. The sound of enchanted bells;
monsters appear, Kashchei's guards, and take Ivan
13. Scene 1. The arrival of Kashchei the Immortal
14. Scene 1. Kashchei's dialogue with Ivan
15. Scene 1. The princesses' intercede
16. Scene 1. The appearance of the Firebird
17. Scene 1. Kashchei's followers dance under the
Firebird's spell
18. Scene 1. Infernal dance of Kashchei's
19. Scene 1. Lullaby (The Firebird)
20. Scene 1. Kashchei awakes
21. Scene 1. Death of Kashchei - profound
22. Scene 1. Kashchei's spells are broken; his
palace disappears, the stone knights return to life,

Release Date: 1991
EditBallet Suites (Compilation)

Release Date: 1991
EditBallets - Vol. I (Compilation)

Release Date: 1991
EditMiniature Masterpieces (Compilation)

Release Date: 1991
EditSymphonies. Rehearsals & Talks (Compilation)

Release Date: 1991
EditConcertos (Compilation)

Release Date: 1991
EditPetrushka, ballet (1947 Version) (LP)
Part I

No. 1a, The Shrove-tide Fair
No. 1b, The Crowds
No. 1c, The Charlatan's Booth
No. 1d, Russian Dance

Part II

No. 2, Petruska's Room

Part III

No. 3a, The Moor's Room
No. 3b, Dance of the Ballerina
No. 3c, Waltz (Ballerina and Moor)

Part IV

No. 4a, The Shrove-tide Fair (near evening)
No. 4b, Dance of the Wet-Nurses
No. 4c, Dance of the Peasant and the Bear
No. 4d, Dance of the Gipsy Girls
No. 4e, Dance of the Coachmen and Grooms
No. 4f, The Masqueraders
No. 4g, Conclusion (Petruska's Death)

Release Date: 1947
EditSymphony in Three Movements, for orchestra (LP)
1. Overture; Allegro
2. Andante; Interlude: L'istesso tempo
3. Con moto

* Composed between April 1942-1945
* Completed a few months following World War II
* Premièred on January 24th 1946

Release Date: 1945
EditSymphony in C, for orchestra (LP)
1. Moderato alla breve - Tempo agitato senza troppo accelerare - Tempo 1
2. Larghetto concertante - Doppio movimento - Doppio valore
3. Allegretto
4. Largo - Tempo giusto, alla breve

* Composed between 1938-1940
* Premièred on November 7th 1940

Release Date: 1940
EditSuite Itallienne (from Pulcinella) (LP)
1. Sinfonia
2. Serenata
3. a: Scherzino b: Allegretto c: Andantino
4. Tarantella
5. Toccata
6. Gavotta (con due variazioni)
7. Vivo
8. a: Minuetto b: Finale

Release Date: 1933
EditOctet for Wind Instruments (LP)

Release Date: 1923
EditSymphonies of Wind Instruments (1920 Version) (LP)
1. [Movement]

* Composed during 1920
* Premièred on October 6th 1920

Release Date: 1920
EditLe Sacre du printemps (LP)
Part I: Adoration of the Earth

The Augurs of Spring (Dances of the Young Girls)
Ritual of Abduction
Spring Rounds (Round Dance)
Ritual of the Rival Tribes
Procession of the Sage
The Sage (Adoration of the Earth)
Dance of the Earth

Part II: The Sacrifice

Mystic Circles of the Young Girls
The Glorification of the Chosen One
Evocation of the Ancestors
Ritual Action of the Ancestors
Dance (The Chosen One)

Release Date: 1913
EditL'Oiseau de feu ("The Firebird"), ballet (LP)
No. 1, Introduction

Part I

No. 2, Kaschchei's Enchanted Garden
No. 3, Appearance of the Firebird pursued by Ivan Tsarevich
No. 4, Dance of the Firebird
No. 5, Ivan Tsarevich captures the Firebird
No. 6, Supplication of the Firebird
No. 7, Appearance of 13 Enchanted Princesses
No. 8, The Princesses' Game with the Golden Apples (Scherzo)
No. 9, Sudden Appearance of the Ivan Tsarevich
No. 10, The Princesses' Khorovod (Round Dance)
No. 11, Daybreak (Ivan Tsarevich enters Kashchei's Palace)
No. 12a, Magic Carillon
No. 12b, Appearance of Kaschei's Guardian Monsters
No. 12c, Capture of Ivan Tsarevich
No. 13a, Arrival of Kaschchei the Immortal
No. 13b, His Dialogue with Ivan Tsarevich
No. 13c, The Intercession of the Princesses
No. 14, Appearance of the Firebird
No. 15, Dance of Kashchei's Retinue under the Firebird's Spell
No. 16, Infernal Dance of all Kaschei's Subjects
No. 17, Lullaby (The Firebird)
No. 18a, Kashchei awakens
No. 18b, Death of Kaschei

Part II

No. 19a, Disappearance of the Palace and Dissolution of Kascheri's Enchantments
No. 19b, Animation of the Petrified Warriors
No. 19c, General Thanksgiving

Release Date: 1910
EditSymphony in E flat major, Op. 1 (LP)
1. Allegro moderato
2. Scherzo. Allegretto
3. Largo
4. Finale. Allegro molto

* Composed between 1905-1907
* Premièred on January 22nd 1908

Release Date: 1907


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