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Radiohead pulled through Dallas last night on their tour supporting last year’s The King of Limbs, and while the main set contained most of the tracks off that album (including “Little by Little,” “Feral,” and “Morning Mr. Magpie”), they did manage in a few lovely standouts from their OK Computer and Kid A (“Karma Police,” “Everything In Its Right Place,” “Idioteque”). Most notable though, even among the few new tracks currently in the tour’s circulation, was the live debut of a b-side that the band wrote over ten years ago. The track is called “The Amazing Sounds of Orgy,” which sounds almost exactly how one might expect.  You can view that below.


Here’s a list of major new releases for the week of March 06, 2012. Please feel free to request reviews for any of the following albums from staff or contributors.

14KT – A Friendly Game of KT (Mello Music Group)
Todd Agnew – How to be Loved (Columbia)
The Alchemist – Rapper’s Best Friend 2 (Decon Inc)
Biipiigwan – Nibaak [EP] (Handshake Inc)
Andrew Bird – Break It Yourself (MOM & POP MUSIC) – Keelan H.
Bowerbirds – The Clearing (DEAD OCEANS)
Ceremony – Zoo (Matador Records)
Chaundon – The Jammington (Golden Era Music)
Copywrite – God Save The King (Man Bites Dog)
Cuddle Magic – Info Nympho (FYO Records)
Dance Hall Pimps – Beast for Love (Lakeshore Records)
DATgirl – Slutstep (DATGirl Media)
Dry the River – Shallow Bed {UK} (RCA)
Epica – Requiem For The Indifferent {EU} (Nuclear Blast)
Every Time I Die – Ex Lives (Epitaph)
Fireflight – Now (Provident)
Tim Fite – Ain’t Ain’t Ain’t (Anti-)
Fort Remeau – Kingdoms (100% Silk)
Good Old War – Come Back as Rain [2(Sargent House)
Julia Holter – Ekstasis (RVNG International)
Junior Toots – A Little Bit of Love (Crown of Fire Records)
Kaiser Chiefs – Start The Revolution Without Me (Cooperative Music)
Ava Luna – Ice Level (Infinite Best)
The Magnetic Fields – Love at the Bottom of the Sea (Merge Records) – Robin Smith
The Men – Open Your

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And so it would seem that another Burial & Four Tet collab is on the way. Uploaded about an hour ago to Soundcloud by Hebden himself, ‘Nova’ is the natural extension of Wolf/Moth Cub, and is for lack of a better description, fucking spectacular.

At the moment details remain rather scarce as to the fate of this track, though Four Tet has confirmed via twitter that the track will see a physical release at some point (lucky number 13 for Hebden’s Text Records imprint). I’ll keep you updated as any news becomes available, but in the meantime enjoy….

I don’t really know what I’m doing at the moment. This is a spur of the moment idea stemming from a conversation that is currently ongoing, which I’ve decided that I’m going to be an ass and go and take it off into this tangent instead of actually finishing the conversation like a normal person. So hey! What the hell, right? Fuck it, here it goes:

Because I’m an over opinionated, egotistical jackass on the internet with a music library full of shit that I never listen to but have just because other over opinionated, egotistical jackasses have told me that they are, in some way or another, worth my time, I’ve found an outlet in writing about the thing that I love the most (a good IPA is second) on this here website. I enjoy it, but at the same time I think that this very site and those like it, pick your poison — CMG, Pitchfork, Metal Reviews, Punknews etc etc — are inherently fucked because it all stems from taking the individual experience that is listening to a record and pulling it out of context; warping it into a collection of phrases and similes meant on describing something that is, at its core, indescribable. To me the power of music lies completely within the moment. Sure it can be dissected and studied, and there is a time and a place for such scholarly exercises, but that kind of approach completely misses the psychological effect that music has…

A brief look back at a band that left its mark on a generation

Many would tell you that Fall Out Boy was finished long before the release of their full-length finale, Folie A Deux, but the record certainly had something of a goodbye feel to it. There is no way of discerning whether or not it was intended to be a farewell album, but the cumulative resume-to-date of singles tidily collaged together in the background of “What A Catch, Donnie” certainly seems to imply that they knew the end was coming. And for someone who grew up with the awkward looking, off-key underdogs, that probably had more of an impact than it did on most. It’s true that the band had begun to overstay their (very brief) welcome, saturating radio stations to the point of nausea while their albums were infiltrated by guest musicians like Jay-Z – whose presence on “Thriller” was arbitrary and purely promotional. But even in the “selling out” of their sound, FOB never lost their down-to-earth touch; in fact, they could often be heard mocking their own commercialization. Popular single “This Ain’t A Scene, It’s An Arms Race” is a prime illustration, with lyrics comparing the music scene to an arms race and proclaiming, “as long as the room keeps singin’ / that’s just the business I’m in.” It was moments like this that, even in the midst of an enormous popularity explosion, offered a glimpse into the heart of a band that maybe…

Here’s a list of major new releases for the week of February 28, 2012. Please feel free to request reviews for any of the following albums from staff or contributors.

A Hero’s Fate – Terms and Conditions (SoundFire Entertainment)
Asphyx – Deathhammer (Century Media)
Autopsy – All Tomorrow’s Funerals [2 CDs] (Peaceville)
Lee Bannon – Fantastic Plastic (Plug Research)
Black Country Communion – Live Over Europe (J&R Adventures)
Caliban – I Am Nemesis (Century Media Records)
Carolina Chocolate Drops – Leaving Eden (Nonesuch)
Chiddy Bang – Breakfast (Virgin/EMI)
Christian Mistress – Possession (Relapse)
Copywrite – God Save the King (Man Bites Dog Records)
Corrosion of Conformity – Corrosion of Conformity (Candlelight Records) – Joseph Viney
The Cranberries – Roses (Downtown)
Dark New Day – New Tradition (Goomba Music)
Dead Fingers – Dead Fingers (Big Legal Mess)
Gensu Dean – Lo-Fi Fingahz (Mello Music Group)
Degradead – Live At Wacken And Beyond [DVD] (Metalville)
Demdike Stare – Elemental (Modern Love) – Deviant
Ecid – Werewolf Hologram (Fill in the breaks)
Eluveitie – Helvetios (Nuclear Blast)
Estelle – All Of Me (Atlantic)
Everything Goes Cold – The Tyrant Sun (Metropolis Records)
For King and Country – Crave (Fervent Records)
Robert Glasper – Black Radio (Blue Note Records)
The Intersphere – Hold on Liberty (Long Branch)
Inure – The Offering (Metropolis Records)
I, The Breather – Truth and Purpose (Sumerian Records)
Ja Rule – Pil 2 (Fontana)
Kutless – Believer (Bec Recordings)
Little Barrie – King…

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So if you’re a fan of Scuba, chances are you’ve probably already streamed his latest LP Personality. And if you haven’t had the chance yet, head over to the official soundcloud page for the album to check out one of the more controversial electronic releases of the year so far.

So with the material now out for the world to hear, what’s next? Well if you’re Scuba, hopping on to ustream for a 2 hour set for Beatport would seem to be the most natural thing. And you can catch the whole thing below.

Video streaming by Ustream


1. Something In Between Us – Sigha
2. Like Sun – Toasty
3. Empire – Distance
4. Guts N Bones – Slaughter Mob
5. Take It Personal – Toasty
6. Anger – Search & Destroy
7. Angel – Toasty
8. Nomad – Distance
9. Brood – Boxcutter
10. The Knowledge – Toasty
11. Deep Under – Elemental
12. Candyfloss – Search & Destroy
13. You Got Me – Scuba
14. The Lights (DJ Joseph Remix) – Eric H
15. L’Amour – Slaughter Mob
16. Plate – Scuba
17. So You Think You’re Special – Scuba
18. Cognitive Dissonance – Scuba
19. Obsessed…

Prime Meridian Album Art

Sometime in 2009 I drifted away from music fanaticism. People who read this site might remember when I contributed album reviews and music criticism as a staff member and not emeritus. Similarly I had a couple of composition projects I was working on around that time that moved from amateur to professional (in aspiration only) and then to shelved before I could finish the mixing and mastering process. I have no interest in dredging the depths of my hard drive to complete these sessions, but I do think it’d be nice to share the demos.

The music is guitar-centric but is best identified as trip hop if only for the chill but detailed drum patterns. I wanted the textures to be pretty languid throughout so I sampled a lot of Javanese gamelan (a closeted love of mine) and combined this with an amazing drum kit library shared by a buddy who some of you may know as PSY/OPSogist. Compositionally I was heavily influenced by him as well as similar artists like Team Sleep, Blue Sky Black Death, DJ Shadow, and Xiu Xiu, among others.

Hopefully there’s a track or two in this collection you enjoy. Though the whole album is meant to have a flow (I’m an artíste bro), if you only have time for one track check out “These Arms.” It’s definitely the most energetic song on the album and I haven’t heard of anybody who thinks it’s scrubby (yet). Thank you!


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Imminent Sonic Destruction – Monster


I’ve pretty much said everything that I can about this album on my review, but here is an abridged version. Imminent Sonic Destruction play a version of progressive metal that mixes a large dose of modern metal riffing along with some different vocal styles. The main style sounds like a cross between Voivod and Mudvayne, but there are also black metal shouts, death grows and even some Hetfield-ish parts. As far as the song goes, it is actually one of the weaker tracks on the album but it can, at least, give listeners a decent idea of what to expect from the album.


 Imminent Sonic Destruction – Recurring Themes
Release Date: Feb 24th, 2012


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Here’s a list of major new releases for the week of February 21, 2012. Please feel free to request reviews for any of the following albums from staff or contributors.

Olafur Arnalds – Another Happy Day (Erased Tapes)
Blood Sweat & Tears – In Concert (Wounded Bird Records)
Bonobo – Black Sands Remixed (Ninja Tune)
Buckethead – Electric Sea (Metastation)
Busdriver – Beaus$Eros (Fake Four Inc.)
Cheap Girls – Giant Orange (Rise Records)
The Chieftains – Voice of Ages (Hear Music)
Cursive – I am Gemini (Saddle Creek)
Davidian – Our Fear is Their Force (Massacre Records)
Dodgy – Stand Upright in a Cool Place (Strikeback)
Drudkh- Eternal Turn of the Wheel (Season of Mist)
Elmsfire – Thieves of the Sun (Massacre Records)
Eluveitie – Helvetios (Nuclear Blast)
Farewell Republic – Burn the Boats (Self Released) – SowingSeason
Field Music – Plumb (Memphis Industries) – SowingSeason
fun. – Some Nights (Fueled By Ramen) – Adam Knott
Galactic – Carnivale Electricos (ANTI-)
Grimes – Visions (4AD) – Conrad Tao
Gary Husband – Dirty And Beautiful: Volume 2 (Abstract Logix)
Jeff Hamilton Trio – Red Sparkle (Capri)
Imminent Sonic Destruction – Recurring Themes (Self Released) – Trey Spencer
Infinito 2017 – Conquest of the More v.1 (Joe Left Hand Rec.)
Jonquil – Point of Go (Dovecote Records)
Damien Jurado – Maraqopa (Secretly Canadian)
Lambchop – Mr. M (Merge Records)
Terry Malts – Killing Time (Slumberland

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Even though the Internet is, in theory, a technology which opens the floodgates and makes the acquisition of information more fluid, more chaotic, and more free, the simple truth is that as a result of that (over-)abundance, we feel the need to divide lest we forget how to conquer. What hypothetically should enable us to digest music without its labels ultimately leads us to label it even more ridiculously than we did before, to compartmentalise in new, almost innovative ways just in order to construct a road-map through the hell of cyberspace and the ideas with which we’re presented.

This isn’t exactly a revelation, but what interests me is the way we handle it when an unexpected event screws with our neat ideas of what constitutes good, bad, pop, metal: how do we adjust when someone moves the goalposts artistically? This has to be a test, because no person is capable of removing the art they’re experiencing entirely from its context or from the discourses surrounding it. Would that it were possible, but it isn’t.

So when Bon Iver punched through the speakers to deliver the curveball that was “Woods” way back on his Blood Bank EP, everyone went insane. You’ll recall that this was a point, distant though it now may seem, when Justin Vernon was still in most regards a cult superstar and perceived as a lonely, bearded guy with a guitar. Nobody expected anything else from him; if they claim they did, they’re having you on.…

Here’s a list of major new releases for the week of February 14, 2012. Please feel free to request reviews for any of the following albums from staff or contributors.

Barry Adamson – I Will Set You Free (Central Control)
Anvil – Pound for Pound [ReIssue] (The End Records)
Audrey Assad – Heart (Sparrow Records)
Audra Mae and The Almighty Sound – Audra Mae and The Almighty Sound (Side One Dummy)
Avatar – Black Waltz (Entertainment One)
Band Of Skulls – Sweet Sour (Vagrant Records)
The Beauty of Gemina – Iscariot Blues (Metropolis Records)
Beneath the Massacre – Incongruous (Prosthetic Records)
Sean Born – Behind the Scale (Mello Music Group)
Burial – Kindred (Hyperdub) – Deviant
Caliban – I Am Nemesis {EU} (Century Media)
Dawn Of Ashes – Farewell To The Flesh [EP] (Metal Blade Records)
Lee DeWyze – What Once Was (Wuli)
Earth – Angels Of Darkness, Demons Of Light II (Southern Lord)
Eisbrecher – Die Holle Muss Warten (Metropolis Records)
Eisley – Deep Space [EP] (Equal Vision Records)
Exdetectives – Take My Forever (Post Planetary)
The Explorers Club – Grand Hotel (Rock Ridge Music) – SowingSeason
Field Music – Plumb (Memphis Industries)
The Frozen Autumn – Chirality (Metropolis Records)
Goatwhore – Blood for the Master (Metal Blade)
Heartless Bastards – Arrow (Partisan Records)
Hillsong – Live in Miami (Hillsong)
Belle Histoire – I Can Tell (InVogue Records)
Hopes Die Last – Trust No One (Standby Records/Red)

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One album that I’ve been holding out for ever since its announcement (and after hearing the My Old School EP, knowing that, one day, he’d have to present us with a full-length of some kind) is John Talabot’s debut LP, fin.

One of those rare house releases that purposefully avoids existing in any particular time frame, it eschews immediacy by slowly and patiently building itself up under waves of liquid tension and sun kissed melodies. Borrowing greatly from the ’90s Ibiza house scene, as well as using the more minimal tendencies of Europe’s more mysterious stalwarts, the Barcelona based artist has crafted one of those rare and magical albums where everything  seems to work comfortably unperturbed with its surroundings or context. As a teaser for the night ahead, it’s a tantalizing call to arms; as the afternoon medication it’s simply sublime. Best served under a  scorching sun with partners close at hand.

‘Last Land’ represents the pinnacle of Talabot’s production talents, featuring perhaps one of the most creative loops this side of The Field. It holds the kind of melody that house producers just seem to avoid these days, as if they’re afraid at creating a kind of anthem that they won’t be able to contain. For Talabot however, this kind of thing just seems to come naturally to him.

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

You can purchase fin through Permanent vacation here.

Lindsey Pavao – Say Aah (Live on The Voice)

Outside of the U.S. — Use this link


When I learned that Dia Frampton had participated on season one of NBC’s The Voice, I decided that I would give season 2 a chance when it finally aired after the Superbowl. The episode that ran after the Superbowl was better than the crap that American Idol had been pushing, but, despite the talent, nobody really caught my attention — today was different. Lindsey Pavao is a bartender out of Sacramento, California that counts Radiohead, Bjork and Fiona Apple among her influences and it totally shows on her rendition of “Say Aah” by Trey Songz. The song on the video is an abbreviated version of her full performance, but it was enough to convince me to buy the full version on iTunes.

Lindsey Pavao definitely has a unique look and voice, and her take on “Say Aah” shows that she also has a bit of a creative side too.

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Here’s a list of major new releases for the week of February 07, 2012. Please feel free to request reviews for any of the following albums from staff or contributors.

Air – Le Voyage Dans La Lune (Astralwerks) – Deviant
A Place to Bury Strangers – Onwards to the Wall (Dead Oceans)
Dierks Bentley – Home (Capitol Nashville)
Tim Berne – Snakeoil (ECM Records)
Beth Jeans Houghton & Hooves Of Destiny – Yours Truly, Cellophane Nose (Mute)
Big Sir – Before Gardens After Gardens (Rodriguez Lopez Productions)
Archer Black – Forgiveness Is A Weapon (Post Planetary)
Casting Call – Life Goes On (Casting Call)
Robert Deeble – Heart Like Feathers (Dead Letter Records)
Departures – Green Turns To Red, Then Turns To Gold (Fist in the Air Records)
Die Antwoord – Ten$Ion (Downtown)
Dr. Dog – Be The Void (Anti-) – SowingSeason
Eluveitie – Helvetios {EU} (Nuclear Blast)
Feed Me – Escape From Electric Mountain (Mau5trap) – Deviant
The Fray – Scars & Stories (Epic) – SowingSeason
Hyper Crush – Night Wave (RPM)
Kiros – Lay Your Weapons Down (Century Media Records)
Ben Kweller – Go Fly a Kite (The Noise Company)
The Law – Trigger (Local Boy Records)
The Lemonheads – Hotel Sessions (CBRA)
Liam The Younger – After the Graveyard (Underwater Peoples Records)
Mark Lanegan Band – Blues Funeral (4AD Records)
Scott Matthew – Gallantry’s Favorite Son (Riot Bear Recording)
Paul McCartney…

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