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Hello staff/non-staff users and welcome to the first of these posts that will analyze not how sputnik users rate albums, but what they write about them. Reviews are the focus of this site. User written reviews and their prominence are what distinguishes this website from other music database websites. Somehow/someway the reviews on here by the most deft […]

  Editorial Note: This was originally written and posted as five separate album reviews.  It functions as a retrospective and a discography review.  Link to Matt Aspinwall’s side of the split: https://bandcamp.com/download?id=2141216390&ts=1504398671.1591462948&tsig=2dbe75dc5beab0611396d08fe9aa5dbc&type=album The Brave Little Abacus is hard to pin down. They were eclectic, energetic, experimental, odd, off putting, and above all else, they were remarkable. […]

[Volume 1] | [Volume 2] | [Volume 3] Thousands upon thousands of albums, EPs, mixtapes, compilations, and songs are released weekly. You might not be aware of the existence of 99% of those releases, but they’re there. So when each song released to the public is simply a drop in a pool that dwarfs even […]

Anyone on this site is, by now, well aware of my affinity for melodically-inclined music.  There’s just something effortless and uplifting about songs that don’t require you to completely submerge yourself within them – and dedicate considerable time and emotional resources to – in order to understand.  That isn’t to say that I haven’t spent tons of time […]

Hello users, and welcome to a blogpost detailing a tool to help you rig the sputnik ratings in your favor. Probably a third of users’ comments are related to how much they dislike the average rating of albums (verified fact, obviously). Some albums’ average rating is too high, too low, there are not enough 5’s, […]

Hello everybody, and welcome to the 2017 charts… sort of. So, I scraped together every album listed in the genre pages of the 2017 charts on August 10, 2017, and calculated the average of the ratings, user usage weighted averages, and their rankings. The user usage weighted averages are described here (idea for the algorithm here); they are […]

Hello comrades, and welcome to sputnikmusic, the music vertical for the Russian propaganda news site sputniknews.com. Today we will cover a long lost feature of sputnik, musical neighbors. First, anybody that visits this site loves music. Sometimes users come onto this site and celebrate their favorite artists and the albums of theirs that they love. […]

For me, it was “In the End”. Hit play on that sampled piano riff and damn, I’m immediately lost inside a thousand memories; pretty much all of which consist of either trying (and failing) to rap the verses with my high school friends, or sitting in front of the MTV channel wide-eyed, annoying my parents […]

Hello world, and welcome to a first-of-its-kind staff blog, one written by someone with no reviews and pedestrian/almost non-existent music taste. I joined the site when I was trying to find something to fall deeply into, and I thought being the only person I knew that liked Led Zeppelin meant that I could become a […]

Friends and neighbours, I’ve got a theory. My thinking is this: pop songs, when executed to such a high degree we can basically round up to saying they’re perfect, achieve a level of embedded, canonised love in the minds of the public that no other genre can really hope to accomplish, partly due to pop’s […]

I was going to say that I’m not even sure why I’m writing this, but I’d being lying. After all, if you’re a metal fan with an internet connection, you’d need to have been sleeping under a rock not to have heard of Wintersun’s crowdfunding project, as well as all the reasons why you should […]

It goes without saying that Brand New are a staple “Sputnik” band, and I mean that less in the sense that the site in any way gave rise to the band’s popularity and more in the sense that we’ve unquestionably worshiped them as a deity since 2006.  They’re not the only band that we’ve collectively fawned […]

Compared to other election years – notably 2004 – the last couple political seasons have seemed rather dry musically.  Maybe it’s because we were all more or less in agreement that Obama was better than McCain and Romney, I don’t know.  But as we find ourselves approaching the final weeks of quite possibly the most […]

Greetings fellow users!  As some of you are aware, I’ve started a little user review competition in which the winner receives an automatic feature, as well as a “user spotlight” session.  It basically consists of an informal chat in which I ask some personal questions as well as some silly ones.   This week’s winner […]

Everyone has a set of bands or musicians that they hold dearly for some reason or another.  Oftentimes, it’s not even an artist that you listen to anymore.  Time placed a wedge between whatever it was that connected you so directly to their message and the place that you currently reside in life.  It’s like losing […]

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