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Last Saturday, on the 23rd of April, I got to sit down with Robert (drums) and Adrian (guitar) from the Polish sludge/stoner metal band Sunnata, ahead of their gig at Tallinn’s rockclub Rockstar’s, which in a way was ironic, because rockstars are exactly the kind of people who the guys in Sunnata don’t relate to. […]

Talking with Mechina’s Joe Tiberi is always entertaining, because not only are interviews with him basically late night brodowns, but there are no time constraints, no PR people or next interviewers interfering. Time is never of utmost importance with Joe, which is suitable for a guy whose band is still woving together a colossal space […]

There are a lot of different preferences and approaches when it comes to interviews, both when conducting the interview and when putting it all on paper. My approach is all about letting the artist speak their mind, and in as much detail as they wish. That’s also why my interviews tend to be on the […]

Can we start again, go back to what it meant back then? The intentions have never been lost, but in the case of Bane, we can’t go back. Instead, there are a few select chances left for both Europeans and North Americans to see the legendary Boston hardcore outfit, who will be drawing a line […]

Zardonic is one of the heaviest non-underground DJ-s out there right now, which is also why I was so interested in chatting him up. One of the main things that I look for in music is adrenaline, and Zardonic’s music has a lot of that. It’s not hard to see why either: Federico Agreda, the […]

There’s less than 24 hours left until God Is An Astronaut go live at my hometown Tallinn, and I couldn’t be more pumped. GIAA is one of those bands that constantly brings it, every night, every year, any time of the day (though dark is duly recommended). I remember their last year’s show like it […]

Knowing full well that if their identities were to be revealed, a prison sentence at the very least, and maybe even death penalty at worst would be the end result, Al-Namrood, the three piece black metal band from Saudi Arabia, have made no concessions. A group of three non-believers in a country governed by religion; […]

There has been quite a pleasant number of interesting Estonian releases this year, for myself at least. White Sparks released an excellent space-themed album called Dark Matter Halo, Paean have refined their prog/death metal sound with Scorn of Eternity and are quickly reaching new heights, Okym Riim just dropped a collection of some real fine […]

After two busy years, releasing a couple of beautiful, critically acclaimed solo records (Abandoned Dancehall Dreams & Stupid Things That Mean The World), it was time to talk again with Tim. Fortunately, he was kind enough to provide me all the information I wanted to know, including some fresh updates regarding some of his other […]

Tengger Cavalry. Nature Ganganbaigal. Names that are not part of everyday discussions here on Sputnik, which is exactly why I went out and shot an interview request towards Metal Hell Records some nights ago – to find out more. Only a day or so managed to pass, and already the wise Mongol chieftain in charge […]

Almost a solid month ago, on the 9th of April – which was a clear and delightfully quiet spring evening, for me at least – I got in touch with Joe Tiberi, the brains behind the Chicago-based symphonic-industrial-extreme metal band Mechina, who in January 2015 released their 4th full-length album, titled Acheron. What was probably […]

With their unique brand of psychedelic sludge/doom, the Italian power trio Ufomammut have gradually grown over the past decade to become one of the leading acts of the genre. Mixing heavy, fuzzy riffs with often dark ambient passages, the band has produced such brilliant and expansive records as Snailking (2004), Idolum (2008), Eve (2010) and […]

It was the 5th of December. A rather warm (for December), reticent evening was taking shape in Tallinn – uncharacteristically quiet even. It wasn’t a harbinger of things to come though, not for me at least, as in a few hours, Finnish melancholic metallers Ghost Brigade and their supporting cast would light up the stage […]

Four years have lapsed since the Croatian stoner act, Stonebride, has released a new album. Following two successful LPs and several tours, the guys needed some time off to sort out their lives and decide what directions should follow next. So, they took it easy for a while and worked on new material at a […]

One of the most revered and prolific psychedelic rock acts today, Causa Sui, have released a new album, the 3rd part of the Pewt’r Sessions. Straying from the summery vibes of most of their LPs, these spontaneous collaborations with Ron Schneidermann are rather haunting and the most free-jazz oriented volumes in their catalog. It is […]

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