Toh Kay Streetlight Lullabies
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November 28th 2011


Album Rating: 5.0

I love the acoustic version of Somewhere In The Between.
And hey, I'd rather the new record take forever to release and be perfect, than have an early release and not be up to par.

December 4th 2011


Album Rating: 4.0

Although I would much rather have a new Streetlight record, this can hold me over for a while. I particularly like the slower version of We Will Fall Together.

December 8th 2011


I love Streetlight Manifesto, am eagerly awaiting their new album (supposedly early next year), and can't wait to see them in concert (twice!!) later this month. But this is NOT a SM album, it's Toh Kay. Tomas doesn't re-record things over & over to get us to spend more money, or to hold the wolves at bay while he's working on the next album; he does it because he's an artist, and a revolving perfectionist.
Personally, I think Streetlight Lullabies was a recording for Tom. I think that musically it's closer to what he had in mind when he fist wrote his songs. As intoxicating as the many layers of SM songs are, with Lullabies I like that there's little between the lyrics and my ears (just Tom's often haunting voice and the soft melody mystically woven via his guitar); which brings new insight, meaning and emotion to the same songs I have loved for the better part of the past decade. Many of the songs sound completely different performed acoustically, and though I know the lyrics they seem at times to be brand new songs because of how they are performed. In particular: Somewhere in the Between; the lyrical change up on Lullabies leaves me liking this version the best.
Overall I really enjoy this album (I give it a solid 4), and can't wait for the next Tomas Kalnoky project in any form.

May 7th 2012


At Mazie: Did you mean the least pretentious dude out there? No I'm serious, he's probably one of the least pretentious lead singers that I can think of.

September 24th 2012


Album Rating: 4.5

simplicity couldn't be more beautiful

February 23rd 2013


love almost everything hes done, but hes got to be one of the most pretentious dudes out there

How so?

I've seen him interviews and seen what he does outside of the music, he is probably one of the most humble frontmen that I can think of.

Anyway I didn't even know this existed, I just heard the acoustic version of 'A Better Place...', which is my favorite Streetlight song, and it's pretty, but it doesn't compare

Not sure if i'll check out the rest

February 23rd 2013


the songs on this are pretty fun to listen to once or twice but don't compare to the original versions

i see no need to listen to this personally

February 23rd 2013


The energy was one of the songs' main draws, it made the lyrics that much more effective

without it's a relaxing listen(judging from 'a better place, a better time') but it doesn't seem like anything really worth checking if you already like the original versions

Still I liked the new version enough, so i'll probably check it out at some point when I'm bored or something

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