The Mars Volta The Bedlam in Goliath
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March 23rd 2008


This sounds like attack of the fanboys. You all are criticizing him for being biased, but at the same time, your biased in the other direction.
After finally reading this hype machine of a review, I must say it feels like an attention-whore affair. I mean, I don't really like TMV outside of Frances, and even I thought you were just digging for things and hence being repetitive.

March 31st 2008


Album Rating: 2.5

This realy is not a good album and i agree with the low rating. Alot of boring, egotystical tracks on here which realy lets the album down. I like the volta and saw them in london 2 weeks back where my fears were confirmed- massive directionless songs from this album were played; thankfully mixed with awesome performances off their older albums.

Dissapointing apart from Goliath.

April 1st 2008


This would be there worst if Amptecture or whatever its called wasn't released. But still, pretty good album.This Message Edited On 03.31.08

Royd Rage
April 5th 2008


i totally agee with thiis review. this album left me confused,bitter and at some points angry.

there were no highlights for me here. same as when i listened to amputechture recently. except that album had some cool moments. "Tetragrammaton" i liked very much.

but to only like one song from a band that i think made a genius album like frances the mute. it's sad.

they are so much better live. songs i have seen from this album palyed live floored me. it just doesn't work here. i don't know why. something is missing.This Message Edited On 04.05.08

July 14th 2008


Album Rating: 3.5

I love the album, and I also love this review. Brilliantly-written.

November 1st 2008


Well written, you backed up your points well. You didn't, however back up the rating.
Is there anything particularly wrong with that? Nope. Anything that should make people question his integrity as a reviewer or human being? Nope. Honestly, some of the best written reviews on this site make no sense when you look at the rating. What the reviewer is really saying is that, for all its faults, it's still average, though that takes thought rather than instant bashing to realise.

February 9th 2009


Album Rating: 4.0

i disagree with your opinion, but the review is well-written. pos from me.

February 9th 2009


lol grammy's

June 7th 2010


heyy my friend..

i'm interested.. you look like a person who knows a lot about music theory.. maybe you'd like to enlighten me a bit on harmonic minors and maybe some diminished chords??

hardy fuckin har
actually it seems to me like you dont like music

see, music is something incomprehensible..
so far we've come up with THEORY that's why its music theory and not music laws

you can break the laws of music theory, and the mars volta have become masters at that.. bedlam in goliath is f*ckin you in the ears man, you like it?

see, there's something called groove, which is an underlying beat in the song..
and you can basically fit what you want in time frames, as long as they go to the groove..
but there's BEAT also, which is different from groove..
imagine groove is like
o o o o
well, with that you can make a beat in like this...
o.:o:.o .o
see how it goes to the groove, but there's a different beat?

okay, and also there's harmony.. but this is really crazy
cuz you can play out of harmony, as long as if you twist the scale in this direction, you must twist it at a certain degree in the other direction..
like if you make a braid.. it has 3 strands..
and if you pull one strand.. well, it impacts the rest right?

music is like circles..
and the mars volta is very important in the music world.
they are changing music, and soon you'll be hearing new bands like them all the time.. their time structures are so.. ... ..obscene.. it's mind blowing

the pentatonic scale is old.. it's brilliant, but it's merely a guideline.
so, put away your jimi hendrix, and listen to the volta a little more..
you'll get it soon enough, maybe you just need to learn a little about music first though.

June 7th 2010


Album Rating: 4.0

Who's that to? The reviewer? Quite a first comment. Welcome to Sputnik

April 1st 2011


Album Rating: 5.0

This review is horrible. It goes against everything the Mars Volta stands for and is missing the point of the music. You don't HAVE TO LIKE IT AT ALL, that's not what I'm saying.

A lot of the parts you claim to be atonal/unmelodic are FULL of melody. These types of melodies come from different parts of the world, you obviously don't listen to much music at all if you find these melodies to be "unmelodic" or whatever. You haven't acquainted yourself with any of the musical styles that Mars Volta reference nor do you have the capacity to embrace the kinds of concepts that the music of the Mars Volta encompasses. The sort of altruistic illiberal ways of Western thought seem to cloud the way people approach music. They stick to their basic rock, blues, hip-hop, indie "alternative" and other radio music. They seem to be on an island (a safe place), and they have burned the bridges down that could lead them to more interesting places if only they put some WORK into it. But NO, people don't work for music, because to them music is simply entertainment or it has to apply to the emotions they feel, but they don't allow the music to take them to it's world. The ONLY reason people LIKE the Mars Volta is that their music incorperates rock and pop influence, but their approach to it is completely unique. The crazy "free jazz", the musique concrete/ambient sections, etc are just as important to the music as the catchy choruses and guitar solos are. I seriously believe that even a majority of TMV's fans are missing the point of a lot of their music. If anyone's reading this I highly encourage them to explore different music beyond Western conformist commercial "accepted" forms of music. Go try stuff like Sun City Girls, Naked City, Jandek, Henry Cow, Captain Beefheart, Kayo Dot, Gorguts, Derek Bailey, and such.

September 28th 2014


Album Rating: 4.0

Completely agreed with this review.

I'm listening to it now, but not one song is clicking. There's just too much shit going on and I can barely get a grasp on it. De-Loused was fantastic, though

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