Lamb of God Ashes of the Wake
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February 19th 2006


Album Rating: 5.0

I love LoG's drummer hence being a long time LoG fan i find that they are kinda repetitive thats why they have 3-4 good songs on each cd..i own all of them examples would be like...that and i do like chuga-chuga stuff because im a big headbanger and thats when everyone usualy goes together because fast parts of the song end up in pits. examples of my favorite songs would be..from last cd to newst

-=New American Gospel=-
Black Label
The Subtile Art Of Murder
Confessional - love be begging drum solo

-=As The Palaces Burn=-
As The Palaces Burn
11th Hour - All time favorite LoG Song
A Devil In Gods Country - Once Again Kick As Drums
Blood Junkie

-=Ashes Of The Wake=-
Laid To Rest
Now You'v Got Something To Die For
The Faded Line
Omerta - Its A friendship thing, because its true and i can play it
One Gun
What I'v Become
Ashes Of The Wake

Over all i'd rate this band like..4/5 that and there kick ass live you dont find very metal bands that sound good live LoG would be rated great live, in other words SLipknot sounds nothing like there cd does live kinda giving falce music then if you look at like CoB = The all time best sounding band live ever i have seen them 3 times and they are amazeing.

And hence being a gigantic metal fan and being on Roadrunner records street team i find a very wide varity of metal. LoG is so differant because mainly they showed off Slipknot they got more ratings from the tour with them then slipknot did. just because of there intermission solos - just like CoB's intermission gutair vs. Keyboard battles.

i am the robots
February 25th 2006


Good album, the old stuff is a lot better.

Definately the truest black metal out there imo.

February 25th 2006


Album Rating: 4.0

the old stuff isn't black metal, nor is any Lamb Of God (WTF?????)

Drunken Viking
February 25th 2006


He's joking.

March 9th 2006


You all suck! Lamb of god is awesome! If you dont like lamb of god your not a metal fan!

Dancin' Man
March 13th 2006


That is one of the stupidest things I've ever heard. I hate LoG, yet are you suggesting that I am not a metal-fan?

Might I add that everything about this album is boring. The melodies have all been done, the drumming is repetitive and the vocals are really irritating and fake sounding. Also, people talking about subliminal messages on this album, no. It's very straightforward. There is nothing wrong with a straightforward or direct message, but don't assume that just because there is a message, it's hidden. This Message Edited On 03.13.06

March 13th 2006


Mmmh i'd agree with Dancing Man. I seriously can't see why people think this guy is a particulaly good drummer..

March 13th 2006


lamb of god is one of the greatest bands ever. psh, shut up dancin' man, big meanie

March 13th 2006


Album Rating: 4.0 | Sound Off

He has good timing, but his stuff is far from technical. Aside from constant double bass this drumming is no more impressive than any other metal band around. Get some Nile, Necrophagist, or Cryptopsy for really impressive drumming.

Drunken Viking
March 13th 2006


You can't compare Chris Adler to a death metal drummer, two completely different styles, just because he isn't fast as hell doesn't mean he isn't good. And another thing, there is no such thing as a best drummer, Chris Adler fits Lamb Of God, if any of the drummers you mentioned ever played for LoG it would sound like shit. Being a good drummer isn't always about being the fastest or the most technical, it's also about feel and knowing when not to play. Chris has said before that he makes beats to add to the riff, not to be so impressive they take away from it.

March 13th 2006


Album Rating: 4.0 | Sound Off

I didn't say he wasn't good, I just said his stuff isn't very technical. But I'm sure that many death metal drummers could make Lamb of God songs much more impressive than Adler.This Message Edited On 03.13.06

Drunken Viking
March 13th 2006


Throughout the thread people have been saying things like Chris Adler overuses his double bass is not technical at all, he sucks, I was responding to them. I just think that if you put in say Nile's drummer it wouldn't fit at all. He might one of the most repsected drummers in modern metal but he wouldn't make LoG anymore interesting. He is so well repspected because he fits great with Nile, not just any band.

March 18th 2006


Album Rating: 3.0

Chris Adler might be repetitive and boring, but he does his job. All he's supposed to do is keep time, not wow you with his insanely technical drumming prowess.

March 23rd 2006


Good review although I disagree, I thought this was a really good album. It is repetitive as Lamb of God tends to be, but I like it. Personally a 4/5 for the album a 5/5 for the review

March 28th 2006


ok first of all to the keyboard crap straight, its not a keyboard, its reverb. it sounds pretty much the same live. and if anyone thinks LoG is untalented, you have to think about it, not a whole lot of music comes from VA, and if you really look at it, theyre probably the best band from here. better than most west coast bands...i also agree with drunken viking, he has a good outlook on chris' drumming.This Message Edited On 03.28.06

March 28th 2006


Album Rating: 4.5

this cd is very interesting...........some really good songs on here and some songs that get boring. good band though.

Drunken Viking
April 2nd 2006


I was just listening to this cd through my DVD player and was able to hear the bass fairly well on a few songs, like Omerta And Hourglass, anyone else?

April 4th 2006


originality bodes well for me, and how many other bands do you know sound like lamb of god?

his voice isnt the most pleasent thing in the worlk but some people like it that way!

plus the riffs may seem a little repetative but theirl all insane, and its no mean feat to try and get that over and over again

April 8th 2006


I seriously disagree with about 90% of this review. In other words, I agree with only the positives of it. Since the albums release I've been playing this disc and have yet to find anything I don't like about it. In my opinion, I'd give this album a damn-near perfect score. It has a replay value that is second to none, and the entire band has more talent than most, if not all metal groups out there. Just my opinion, but this album is a must-have for metal fans.

April 8th 2006


Lamb of God performs a good live show, based on seeing them twice, but I wouldn't bother buying one of their albums

It's okay music to lose your shit to, but it is repetative and nothing outstanding

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