Eye of the Soundscape

Riverside emerge from tragedy with a collection of past experiments and new creations, for fans and newcomers alike.
The Brian Jonestown Massacre
Third World Pyramid

Blending several eras into a 40-minute fun ride…
As Above, So Below

The higher I get, the deeper I see…
Leonard Cohen
You Want It Darker

How much darker can it get?
Brant Bjork
Tao of the Devil

Keeping the flame alight...
Drive-by Truckers
American Band

Compelled but not defeated
Rejoice! I’m Dead!

Rejoice! Gong lives on.
Crowded House

It's weird to say, but as a child my first experience of death wasn't through a pet or family member, but through Crowded House. I was eight years old when Paul Hester hu
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