Furor gallico
Songs From The Earth

Low on furor
Ma-IoN 'Formulas Of Reptilian Unification'

Inconsistent, too lengthy, but also ambitious and adventurous at the best of times.

Ambitious, menacing, conceptual in all the right ways. "Enki" is an album which uncovers more as you discover further, but also demonstrates Melechesh's ability to stand out from t

Sit back, smoke up, and enjoy the riffs.
The Agonist
Eye of Providence

A worrying sign that Prisoners may have been a fluke.
All That Remains
The Order of Things

I wish I was free of this
Carach Angren
This Is No Fairytale

Without any knowledge of what has made the band so successful up to this point, it's really quite easy to pre-judge Carach Angren. The corpsepaint-ridden faces of each band me
36 Crazyfists
Time and Trauma

Brutal, bleak and honest, 36 Crazyfists return sounding as good as ever.
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