New Bermuda

The band refrains from creating Sunbather 2.0 here and the results find them showcasing a darker, more black metal driven sound.

Tesseract risk nothing with an effort that neither impresses nor disappoints.
Scale the Summit

While solid at a level that few bands ever achieve, it's difficult to shake the feeling of wanting something more from V.
Long Live

no one cares no one listens screaming words that you fake hearing
Bring Me the Horizon
That's the Spirit

So complacent it hurts.
Iron Maiden
The Book of Souls

The beast still has your number.
Curious Volume

Pentagram delivers another solid old school metal album with enough hooks but decreased doom metal elements compared to past releases.
Bad Magic

They say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, but in Motorhead’s case you might as well try and this dog will bite you in the ass.
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